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NASPO Value Point

The purpose of this convenience, multi-state contract is for the purchase of Public Safety Communication Equipment and programs as they are needed.

This page provides information about our contract. You will find vendor information, instructions for obtaining quotes or placing orders, warranty information, our return policies and much more!


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Contract Details

Contract Information

Contract #:
Effective Period:
Payment Terms:
Delivery Schedule:
Terms & Conditions:
Public Safety Communications Products and Services Solutions
07/01/2021 - 12/31/2026
2% 20, N30 OAC
F.O.B. Destination CONUS
30-60 days ARO
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Eligible Purchasing Authorities

The following agencies are authorized to purchase under this contract:

The contract can be used by all State Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Qualified Nonprofit Corporations, Materials Management Center, Participating Institutions of Higher Education (College and Universities, Community and Technical Colleges). Purchasers (state agencies and local political subdivisions) may issue a purchase order to any vendor, (including a NASPO Contract vendor) to meet its product and/or service needs and the vendor may choose to accept and process the order. States (on behalf of one or more state agencies and/or its authorized local political subdivisions - cities, towns, counties, etc.) may choose to establish a Participating Addendum with one or more NASPO Contract vendors so purchases from that/those vendor(s) would meet the state's purchasing requirements.

Executed Participating Addendum's can be found HERE.

State PA Executed State Reference Number
Alaska Yes 2022-PS-COMM-001
Arkansas Yes 4600049973
California Yes 7-22-70-49-05
Florida Yes 43190000-22-NASPO-ACS
Hawaii Yes 22-06 Filter for: 22-06
Idaho Yes PADD20221163
Kentucky Yes MA 758 Filter for: 2200000281
Montana Yes 00318
Nebraska Yes 15659(OC)
New Mexico Yes 10-00000-20-00066 AF
Oregon Yes PO-10700-00004683
South Dakota Yes 17640
Utah Yes AR3843
Washington Yes 00318
Wisconsin Yes 505ENT-O22-SAFETYCOMM-09
Wyoming Yes 00318

Contact Us

Icom America Inc.
12421 Willows Road NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
Business Size:
Cage Code:
SAM Registered:
NAICS Classification:
334220, 334111 (Small Business), 423690 (Large Business)
Our Associates are here to support you in any way they can. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Government Customer Service
Pricing, availability, quotes, orders, tracking, etc.
(425) 450-6090, select option 1
(425) 454-1509
Technical Support Team
Icom equipment operation, programming, parts ID, etc.
(800) 253-1498
Government Sales Program Manager
Bids, Contract Administration, Sales Programs, etc.
(425) 450-6092
(425) 454-1509

Authorized Dealers/Resellers

Icom America values the partnerships we have with our Authorized Resellers and feel confident that you will enjoy working with them as much as we do!

Products & Pricing

Icom America offers a comprehensive Contract Reference Document for our End-users that give them the at-a-glance view of this contract. Here you will find a complete list of products, services, discounts and/or prices offered for this contract.

Instructions for Requesting Quotations or for Placing Orders

To obtain a quote or place an order from Icom America, please contact the Government Customer Service Team at (425) 450-6090 or GovernmentSales@icomamerica.com. The Government Customer Service Department is open 7 a.m. through 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Any of our Government Customer Service Specialists can assist with quotes, order entry or other customer service related issues such as returns, order tracking, etc.

To obtain a quote or place an order from an Authorized Icom Dealer, please contact the contact person listed under Authorized Dealers/Resellers.

Product Warranty Overview

Land Mobile
1 year from date of purchase*
3 year from date of purchase
2 year from date of purchase**
3 year from date of purchase
1-2 year from date of purchase
1 year from date of purchase
*IC-7851 comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
**Selected IDASTM/P25 radios come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Off-the-shelf repeaters come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Optional Extended Warranty

Land Mobile customers have the option to purchase extended warranties of one (1), two (2), or three (3) years. The extended warranties can be added to your order at the time of purchase or up to 60 days following your purchase. Contact our Warranty Administration Team for complete details at (425) 586-6327 or ExtendedWarranty@icomamerica.com.

Return Policies

If the products were purchased directly from Icom America, please contact the Government Customer Service Team at (425) 450-6090 or GovernmentSales@icomamerica.com.

A return authorization number is required on all returns and all items being returned must be in the new condition. If the equipment being returned is not in new condition, a minimum 20% restocking fee may be applied.

If the products were purchased directly from an Authorized Icom Dealer/Reseller under this contract, please contact the person listed under Authorized Dealers/Resellers and they will assist you in the return process.


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